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Stair Lift Benefits

The most obvious benefit is that it provides a safer way to use the stairs at home. Using a motorized chair to get from floor to floor reduces the risk of an injury at home as the stairs are one of the most common areas that present a high risk for a fall. If the stairs are preventing the use of a basement or upper level of the two-story home, you may feel like you've lost your independence. Getting up or down the stairs likely requires assistance from a friend or family member. With the installation of a stair lift, you can regain your independence and freedom as the lift will provide a safe and easy way access to the basement or upper level of the home.
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How much does a straight stairlift cost?

The cost of a stair lift for a straight staircase typically ranges between $2,200-$5,000 (new or used). The final price that you pay will depend on the length of the staircase, model selected, any added upgrade options, such as a folding rail or power swivel seat. We also offer monthly finance options starting at $49.50/month, for those who qualify.

How much does a curved stairlift cost?

If you have a curved staircase or a straight staircase with an intermediate landing, the stair lift track will need to be custom-made to fit your staircase. As a result, the cost will be significantly higher. Pricing for a curved stair lift starts at $9,500 and ranges upward from there, depending on the configuration of your staircase and upgrade options that may be added to improve comfort for the user.

Heavy-Duty and Outdoor Stairlift Pricing

If you struggle with obesity, you may need a stair lift that is has a higher weight capacity. Because they require more parts and labor for for the lift to be installed, the cost is more. However, it is worth the additional cost to ensure the lift will provide a safe and secure ride from the bottom landing of the stairs to the upper landing and vice versa. Base model heavy duty lifts can start around $4,000.
Outdoor stair lifts must be made using weatherproof materials, which is when they tend to be a $1,000-$2,000 more than indoor models on average. Outdoor lifts may also require a cover or storage space

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