Should You DIY a Bathroom Remodel or Hire a Professional?

Your bathroom remodeling project can be extensive and tough to manage. But it doesn’t have to be hard for you to get the help you deserve. Our website can help you find a local contractor that can support whatever you hold for your space.

You could still consider taking care of the work yourself if you prefer. But if you want to do this, you have to look at how well you can manage the project at hand. You must review a few things when figuring out if you should handle the remodeling process yourself or look for a professional to assist you with your work.

What Tasks Are Ideal For a Professional?

You can start by looking at what you want out of your bathroom remodeling project. The amount of work necessary for the project can vary, but whatever you do should be simple enough for your work plans.

You can hire a professional if your task is going to be complicated or tough to manage. Here are a few examples of when you should be hiring outside help:

  • Managing the walls in a shower. Your shower walls will require new tiles that go down to the studs. The design provides a barrier to keep moisture from entering the studs, thus ensuring mold will not develop.
  • Replacing the shower or tub. Whether it’s to produce a walk-in shower or to arrange something new, a replacement will require professional support.
  • Sink and faucet design. The materials for your sink and faucet can be heavy. A professional’s support will be ideal in this situation.
  • Flooring. Your flooring requires a slip-resistant design, plus it must be bolted well to prevent mold from seeping into the floorboards. An expert can help you get your floors installed in your bathroom, whether you’re looking for a tiled body or something a little simpler.

The rule of thumb here is to consider the intensity of the task and if something you want to do is simple or will require extra help. A professional will be best for when you’re trying to handle something stronger and you need extra assistance with the work at hand.

What Basic Tasks Are Best For Your Work?

Not all tasks require you to hire a professional for work. You can handle the work yourself in many situations:

  • When you need to replace the shower head
  • For replacing an exhaust fan; you will need to size the fan and shut off the electrical connection for this process
  • Painting the room
  • Installing a mirror; it must come with the proper hooks or other anchoring features
  • Updating the lighting, including installing LED bulbs or replacing old-looking sconces and other fixtures

These are general tasks that you might have done in many other rooms around your home. You can do these in your bathroom with about the same effort. Be sure you recognize your skills and that you feel confident in your ability to complete the work before you start.

What New Plumbing Works?

A professional is recommended for the work if you need to handle new plumbing fixtures. Whether it entails moving the toilet or sink somewhere new or producing a different shower head, a professional can help you find a plumbing setup that is safe and will not leak. It can also work with whatever water pressure level you require for the task. Attempting to install new plumbing lines yourself could be disastrous, as it might trigger leaks and damages.

Who Should Handle the Toilet?

The answer to this next question will vary over the needs you have for a toilet. You can complete the toilet replacement process yourself if you want something new that uses the same connection. You can get a new wax ring to help you seal the plumbing setup here. But anything that changes the mechanism would require an outside expert to help you with the work.

Be sure if you plan on replacing the toilet yourself that you can lift it well, as some materials may be too heavy. Make sure you also give some time before you caulk the bottom part of the toilet, as you need to ensure the toilet isn’t leaking and that everything is connected well.

Adding Other Features

You’ll also need to hire a professional if you want to install many other new things around your bathroom. These include new faucets or water ports. Any new electrical materials must also be installed by a GFCI-certified professional.

How Large Is Your Bathroom?

The size of your bathroom is another point to see when remodeling your space. An average bathroom can be from thirty to forty square feet. The size is useful enough for most needs, although sometimes a more massive room may be too tough to manage.

The best idea is to hire a professional if you have a larger bathroom that may take more time to handle. The extra surface and the likelihood of having more fixtures to handle will require outside help.

You can still manage the task yourself if your bathroom is small, but watch for the intensity of the task. The same standards for how you’ll manage or replace certain items will apply.

What Is the Proper Answer?

The answer to whether you need to hire a professional for a bathroom remodel or if you can do it yourself should be chosen based on the intensity of the project. You’ll need to hire someone from outside the house if you want to work on a more extensive project, especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical tasks. Anything involving highly sensitive surfaces will also require the support of a professional for help.

You can complete some tasks yourself if you prefer, but make sure you look at your capability. Don’t forget about the safety of whatever tasks you wish to complete. You’ll need to be certain whatever you manage is easy to handle without risking any problems with your work.